Fr. Aloy's Plea

Message from Fr Aloysius Pieris, s.j to friends and benefactors of CEHIC

Dear Friends,

There are many of you who must take the credit for what we at CEHIC have achieved over the last 35 years since its foundation by Sr Greta Nalawatta on the Pentecost Sunday, 31st May 1982. The quality and the extent of this work can be read in the other pages of this website. While Sr Greta and her exemplarily dedicated staff have been responsible for this miracle, I had been engaged from the inception to look for an average of Rs 450, 000/= (now 500,000) per month and I am as surprised as the teachers and parents that we have survived 35 years without any capital. Begging (and even in one instance borrowing what we still have to pay back) has been the routine !

A couple of times the parents exhausted all their energies to have a public concert and only once we managed to derive some financial gain and that provided just one month’s expenses! Recently a raffle was organized by our past pupils while Sr. Greta managed to beg friends and got the prizes. We managed two months with that money. So we do our best !

Hence it is YOU who have run CEHIC so far and I thank all of you in the name of hundreds of children who have been integrated into the normal stream of education after being trained to hear and speak and specially on behalf of our current (in 2017) eight (8) Graduates and four (4) undergraduates as well as so many who are employed, married and are parents running their own families with a remarkable degree of independence and maturity.

My request is the following: If you can find ten (10) companies which can give us Rs 50,000/= (fifty thousand rupees) a month, say for five years to begin with, we can have enough time to build up a capital instead of living from hand to mouth.

Finally I ask my Christian sisters and brothers to join us with prayers and supplications that God may continue to bless our efforts to remove from more and more hearing impaired children the stigma of being deaf and dumb and allow them to be as independent and sociable as those who hear and speak from birth.

God bless you
Fr Aloy
(Aloysius Pieris, s.j.)